The "Where do we hang out?" survey, 2021

This is for people in the UK who are bisexual, pan, bi+, bi-curious, heteroflexible, multi-spec, m-spec, non-monosexual, bi-romantic, queer in a bi kind of way, or have an inkling that you're somehow "under the bi umbrella" - whatever your label!

If you're only a little bit bi and you don't think it's enough to count... yes you are bi enough :-)

When we say "bi" here, we mean any of those people, whatever label you use. The exception is that when we talk about "a bi group", we mean mainly the kinds which would have "bi" in the name somewhere, e.g. Leeds Bi Group or BiPhoria.

We expect this survey will take about 4 or 5 minutes to do, or maybe 8 to 10 if you choose to write extra.

Early responses are the most helpful, because they'll help to guide our research! We'll close the survey mid-June when we start writing up.

Thanks for your help!

From Jennifer, Libby and John, May 2021

Privacy & purpose

We are bi organisers currently researching for the LGBT Consortium, exploring the funding needs of bi organisations in the UK. The data collected through this survey will be used to find out more about UK bi communities. Explanation of our research.

If you wrote some words as well as ticking the boxes, we may quote your words anonymously. Consortium's full Data Protection Policy (PDF).

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