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Bi-education by me
Attracted to men? Attracted to women? Attracted to both??
... including a quick look at definitions of bisexuality.
(This page is based on a leaflet originally written for Nottingham Bi Women's Group.)
Behaviour / feelings / identity : 3 aspects of sexuality
Does your history "mean" that you're bi? Only if you say so.
If you're not sure what you are, check this out.
Possible reasons for picking your sexual identity
Goes with the previous page.
Bi diversity
Lots of ways to be bi. A look at the Kinsey scale and some other aspects of diversity.
Bisexuality and relationships
... how does that work then?
Seven popular myths about bisexuality
and some answers to them.
Some classic elements of bi-prejudice
... let's namecheck 'em, and then we can all play "Spot the biphobia moment"  ;-)
Five basic ways to be supportive of someone who's coming out as bi
Sometimes people get a bit confused about bisexuality (especially if they're not bi).
You may not totally understand, but you don't need to... respect is the key.

Further thoughts...
A few key political issues for bi people
compared and contrasted to those of lesbian & gay people

... just my opinion  :-)
Bi identity: obstacles and paths
an analysis with pictures, featuring binary boxes and the "50/50 fantasy"
Queer vs bi identity
some etymological and strategic considerations
"New Bisexuality Info Line" article
which talks about "bi visibility".
News from BiCon 1996
a short report written at the time
haiku for the fence
by Ramki Ramakrishnan
"Greedy Bisexuals" cartoon
by the wonderful Rachael House
Bi / queer / bisexual button badges
from the "Identity" badge collection at Uncharted Worlds:
over 40 designs, including several varieties of bi-identification
"No, I'm BISEXUAL, <i>you're</i> confused" "ASSUME NOTHING" "your fence is sitting on me"
And some things relevant to [bi] activism
Visionary thinking, representation & diversity
musings on the nature of activism
"Fitting and misfitting in the bi community"
account of a workshop first run at BiCon 2002, and how it evolved,
plus transcriptions of interesting writings from the workshop
General musings on my principles of running workshops
(which kind of goes with the above)
Report on the Noshers' Network at BiCon 2002
how it worked and why it was invented
The idea of "Community Info Zones"
a possible plan for BiCon 2003
Jennifer's report from (being on the organising team at) BiCon 2005
including links to various other thoughts about BiCon planning
(which all ought really to be indexed here separately too at some point)

On other sites: page
(also maintained by me). Includes short list of the key UK bi resources. FAQ
Frequently Asked Questions about Bisexuality.
Bi Community News
has an excellent beginners' guide.
(a.k.a. swlab) home page.
Bisexual Resource Centre
- an international collection of more bi resources and links
- highly recommended for discovering more bi resources on the net.
Bisexual Butterfly
UK charity aiming to raise awareness & collect a central database of bi-specific info
(at time of writing yet to emerge from its chrysalis).
The Bisexual Index
UK activist collective, campaigning against biphobia
and working to improve bisexual visibility.

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