The "Bi groups and money" survey, 2021

This survey is for people in the UK who run (or ran) a group or resource or event which serves bi people. That can include very small groups, which are really just the organiser and a friend or two.

When we say "bi" here, we mean anyone "under the bi umbrella". We're interested in resources aimed at those communities in particular, and resources which seem to attract a high percentage of bi participants - but not "the average LGBT group", where lesbian or gay people tend to be centred.

It can take only 5 minutes if you do quick multi-choice clicks. If you want to spend longer, but can't find the time or headspace, please let us know if money would make a difference (e.g. to get takeaway or hire a babysitter, or just to recognise your time). You can email in confidence to draw on our budget for compensating contributors.

This survey is part of our research into funding for bi groups in the UK. We'll close the survey mid-June when we start writing up.

We hope this work will improve the money situation for everyone organising in bi communities!

Thanks for your help!

From Jennifer, Libby and John, May 2021

Privacy & purpose

We are bi organisers currently researching for the LGBT Consortium, exploring the funding needs of bi organisations in the UK. The data collected through this survey will be used to find out more about UK bi communities. Explanation of our research.

As part of this survey, we will ask you if it's OK for us to pass your group's contact details on to Consortium, so that they can send you info in future. Consortium's full Data Protection Policy (PDF).

If you wrote some words as well as ticking the boxes, we may quote your words anonymously. If you'd like to tell us some behind-the-scenes information which you wouldn't want quoted in our write-up, please email instead.

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