Jennifer's zines for sale

1. "World of Bi"

Photo of zine cover.

This one is for people curious about bisexuality, or wondering if/where they fit into the world of bi/pan/queer community. Topics include

The first version of this zine came out in 2015, and I did a slightly revised one in 2017.

24 sides of A5. The little flags on the front page are hand-coloured!

2. "Creativity is for everyone"

Photo of zine cover.

I have a fascination with creative processes - not only art, but organisations, play and any kind of new learning curves. I'm always reading books about that kind of thing, and trying to improve my own processes.

Into this, I wanted to condense as much as possible of the ideas I've found useful. Topics include

I'd been tinkering with this zine since 2017, and I finally released the first version in early 2020.

36 sides of A5, so it's a bit fatter than the other. I started off thinking they'd probably be about the same size, but I kept thinking of more things to put in :-)

How to buy them if you want to

Here's where you can buy copies if you like! if you have a way of sending me UK pounds, e.g. PayPal or a cheque. It's actually the page where I also sell the "identity badges", because that made more sense than creating a whole new page for zine orders. If you only want a zine, just tick the box by the zine (clicking the photo ticks the box), then click the button to go to the next page.

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