Choosing your "Identity" badges

(or zines)

Before you start, make sure you have a way of sending UK pounds. That could be PayPal, which automatically converts between currencies. It could be a cheque, if your bank uses pounds.

Choose designs → Choose lettering colours → Say how many → Add your address → Happy? → Make a payment.

Tick for which designs you're interested in. Each design comes in nine colours of lettering, on a black background.

Postage is free (except for sending zines outside the UK). Skip to price info.

Tip: In most browsers, you can click anywhere on the badge photo to tick the checkbox. Same when choosing colours a bit later.

Tip: It's easy to unselect a badge later in the process - so you can gradually narrow down to the ones you really want.

Tip: Want the full list of all 50+ badges, inc gender, relationship & sexuality themes and occasional rude words? Full list of badge designs

The non-schoolers' collection...

When you're happy with the designs you've picked, you can go on to choose colours and amounts by clicking this button:

Tip: You can backtrack in the ordering process if you change your mind.

Pricing explained...