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Gender questions
bodies and gender

Gender and belief
somewhat of a rant, on the reality or otherwise of gender
(new at May 2003)

Ontology of gender
from a conversation on the Landmark graduates' discussion list
(warning: full of Landmark jargon, and generally not as easily readable as most things on this site)

Gender, identity & behaviour
generally musing around these areas

Queer vs bi identity
including some observations of the cultural significance of gender

Feminist perspective page
what feminism is to me (and is not)

Queer / genderqueer / trans / transgender button badges
from the "Identity" badge collection at Uncharted Worlds:
over 40 designs, including "transcending gender"

See also Jennifer's page about bisexuality

On other sites:

X: A Fabulous Child's Story by Lois Gould

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