feminist perspective page

What feminism is NOT:

Feminism is not "hating men" or "wanting to get rid of men"
There is another word for that, "misandry".
Do not confuse them.
Thank you.

(Yes, I know we know that, but you'd be surprised how many people think that is exactly what it is...)

To me, feminism is about questioning gender roles. Why do we suppose that men ought to behave in one way and women in another?

Here are some links to various places on this site where the feminist theme became more explicit than elsewhere, not that my whole site is not feminist.

Gender questions
written for Outright, in connection with the debate around transgendered people using Nottingham Women's Centre

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written for Bi Community News, following a workshop of the same name at BiCon '96

BDSM: A feminist perspective
written for Outright as part of a double-page feature on BDSM generally

A short ramble around Western culture's body size obsession

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