[Written for Outright, October 1996]

News from BiCon 1996

One weekend at the end of August, over 200 people converged at Kingston University for the 14th UK BiCon.

BiCon is the national bisexual conference/convention, for all "bisexuals, their friends and allies". It's a part social, part political event, with workshops or panel discussions in the daytime and partying at night.

This time as usual the atmosphere was hectic and friendly. One panel discussion was on "Lesbians, gay men and bisexuals working together in unions", with two speakers from Unison. Another was on Queer Media, with representatives from the Pink Paper, Bi Community News and Thud. About 60 other workshops were designed and facilitated by conference-goers - some were on subjects directly relevant to bi people, some just interesting or entertaining in themselves.

"Off the fence and on the wall", an exhibition of postal art by bi and bi-friendly people, ran throughout the three days of the conference. On the Sunday, an auction of the art raised an amazing £700, to be split between the two bi phonelines in London and Edinburgh.

BiCon's unusual, for such a big event, in being organised by a different group of people each year. One new development this year was the formation of an advisory group to provide continuity from year to year. It'll be getting a post box, web site* and phone line soon.

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