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Nottingham, England, is one of the main towns in the Midlands. It's about 130 miles north of London up the M1, or just under two hours by train. Nearby towns include Sheffield to the north, Derby to the west and Leicester to the south. See map

Nottingham has two universities - Nottingham University (which I went to) and Nottingham Trent University, formerly known as Nottingham Polytechnic (and before that Trent Polytechnic).

Nottingham is famous for the legend of Robin Hood and for textiles (especially lace).

Some good places in Nottingham

Broadway Cinema shows the arty films, including the Lesbian & Gay Film Festival.

The M Corporation sells and advises on music technology (including sequencer software etc.). It was once said of Rob who works there, by a friend of mine, "He's not a proper salesman, I can understand what he's talking about!" We think Rob is a star and most highly recommend the M corp if you want to buy some high-tech music gear.

Absolute Organic, on Radford Boulevard a little way along from the retail park with Aldi and PC World, is a rather cool independent organic greengrocers. They also do free delivery all over Nottingham.

The Alley Café does delicious vegetarian and vegan food, including such delectable drinks as freshly squeezed strawberry juice cocktails, you don't get much more luxurious than that! It's up a little alleyway between Oasis and Feedback on Long Row, almost opposite....

the Central Library, which is another of my personal landmarks in the town.

The library has some computers connected to the internet.
Currently (July 2001) there's a project running offering expert help for free on Tuesdays and Thursdays between 2pm and 4pm.
Using the 2nd and 3rd floor internet computers at the library is 1 for 15 minutes, or free to people on benefits (with proof). But I'm not sure if anyone can use them, or only people who've already joined the library.
(NB: You can't use hotmail and similar email services from the computers on the library's ground floor, which are use-any-time-without-paying - only from the bookable ones in the Arts and Business libraries.)

Both Mushroom Bookshop and Coda (community computing resources) have now closed! and are much lamented.

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