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Landmark Education

I've done quite a lot of Landmark courses, and for a few years I had a site up here with lots of opinions about the ideas & some about the organisation. My reasons for taking down those various bits of writing at this point (July 2001) are as follows: Basically, I didn't feel happy leaving it up without some rewriting, but at this point I have no desire to do the rewriting either. If at some point I get enthusiastic enough to spend the time on an overhaul (probably a couple of weeks' work), I'll put it back up. Or maybe I might think about and rewrite individual sections which could then come back up.
But don't hold your breath...  :-)

Yes, I know that some people were finding it useful. Sorry, people, and I hope you find equally useful material elsewhere.

* Note: No-one has ever contacted me on behalf of Landmark Education Corporation (LEC) about my site, either to praise it or to criticise it. I say that for clarification, as I'm aware that some other people have been asked/told to take stuff down if they didn't want to be taken to court by LEC's legal department. This was not the case with me - in fact, no-one at all asked me to go so far as to take the site down, it was entirely my own idea.

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